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Accurate Network Services


Accurate Network Services




The original logo was a unique identity mark which symbolized accuracy, security and reliability. It is common knowledge that IT is intrinsically linked to the effciency and competitive advantage of almost all businesses, no matter their size or industry. It is with this respect and reverence that the name Accurate Network Services was selected, and the corresponding ‘cross hair’ logo created. Since it’s inception in 2008, the company has always been laser-focused on providing flexible, common sense, and practical IT solutions that align with our customer’s specific needs. The original logo served Accurate well in creating a brand which fostered a sense of security, reliability and accuracy especially during its beginning years.

The new logo is a rebrand which effectively captures the vibrant and fun-cultured environment that Accurate has become. The sharp crosshairs in the “A” have been replaced with softer, rounded edges for a more approachable look. The “royal” red has been replaced with a bold and energetic red, representing the identity of present Accurate. The serif typeface has been replaced with a modern and highly geometric sans serif for a more lasting and striking impression. Overall, the new logo moves away from a corporate brand identity to a fun, energetic wordmark while still
maintaining the overall brand.

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