Christy Campos Design

Canada 150 Pop Icons


Celebrating Canada 150



Illustrate 5 Canadian icons for the U of A Marketing & Communications team to celebrate Canada 150. The chosen 5 icons would be featured in various online media such as the U of A Facebook page, Instagram, as well as other media such as


I illustrated my icons in a bobble-head style which would bring attention to their unique personal characteristics and features. I also used a bright colour palette to bring a sense of vibrancy and fun to each character. The flat colour backgrounds are free of texture or illustrations brings a very simplistic contrast to the busy and detailed icons themselves. This creates balance–which emphasizes the icons further.


My reasons for choosing these icons were because of my personal interests in science, technology & research (resulting in two astronauts and a supporter of innovation in healthcare) as well as the intent to represent people with an Indigenous background. Representing the Indigenous community was especially important because of the controversy surrounding Canada 150 and the celebration’s recognition of a country that is only 150 years old. I think it is very important to recognize the cultural groups of Peoples that lived here thousands of years before the colonialism of settlers 150 years ago. Buffy Sainte-Marie and Thomas King represent these Indigenous groups as social activists who have been fighting most of their lives for the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.



  • Chris Hadfield shared my illustration of him on Facebook 
  • Illustrations were featured on Medium online