Christy Campos Design

ReLab Visual Identity


Logo and Visual Identity for University of Alberta's ReLab



The objective for this project was to create a visual identity system for a research-creation laboratory created by Kim Tallbear (Associate professor of the Faculty of Native Studies and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Peoples, Technoscience and Environment). The lab would focus on combining social sciences and humanities with creative inquiry and performanceto align with Indigenous worldviews. The lab would reintegrate these sustainable worldviews in a way which brings positive change to interconnected relationships of land bodies, water bodies and human bodies. Relab would focus on Indigenous and decolonial sexualities, kinship and landbased relations.




The final logo created represents the care-taking relationship of people to the land and to eachother and supports ReLab’s mission to promote “good relations” between human bodies, land and water bodies . It is a simplified representation of a drum used in round dance ceremonies and connotes the social structures where no one human is more important than another or more important than another living thing.

This logo also represents balance. In the round dance ceremony, the drumming sound represents a universal
heartbeat and honours the joy of living. It is the heartbeat of Earth Mother for all to feel and hear. The drumming and the persons moving in a circle to the beat of the drum, bring everyone into balance–balance with one another and balance with the Earth’s heartbeat. The designed solution was chosen by Kim Tallbear and her team as the official logo for their new research-creation lab.