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App Design to Promote Urban Park
Use + Protection


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In a world with a rapidly growing population, urban parks are becoming spaces in cities that are increasingly threatened by development. This self-directed project explores the ways in the which urban parks play an important role in the social and psychological needs of citizens. Through primary and secondary research via a Facebook survey as well as literature and case study analysis, arguments for the importance of urban parks in creating a happier and more sustainable city is explored. Through these explorations, data gathered was used to help guide a designed product, in the form of an app, that could help foster use and protection of the Edmonton River Valley urban park system.

Encouraging use and exploration could help foster more love and pride for our park, thereby discouraging development into the park during this period of growth in our city. Currently, there is growing pressure by private developers towards the City of Edmonton, to build housing and other buildings into the River Valley.
Through development and design of an app, this project explores the question:

“How can we use design to create a product which brings awareness to threatened urban park systems and can help to promote use and protection of these areas?”