Christy Campos Design

Climate Change


The Designer as Science Communicator



For this self-directed project, I wanted to work with data to create a captivating and thought provoking infographic. Through information design, vast and complex datasets can be simplified into charts or other visual elements for better understanding. Data visualization turns convoluted and complicated information into meaningful visuals that are simple, clear and reveal important patterns in behavior or trends, therefore aiding decision making. In this way, data visualization has a crucial role in information analysis and the communications process. It can bridge the gap in understanding between the data, scientists and the general public. Everyone involved can visually explore this information and understand the stories conveyed within them.


I chose to create data visualization regarding climate change, as it is one of the most important factors that threaten our planet today. I believe that displaying this data in a simplified and informative manner can initiate thought and discussion pertaining to global warming and its effects on our planet. When created effectively, this information can create a message that can hopefully provoke a call to action.

The data has been collected from a summary report written by the IPCC–The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The IPCC is the leading international body for the assessment of climate change. It consists of thousands of scientists from all over the world who review and assess the most recent scientific, technical and socio-economic information produced worldwide relevant to the understanding of climate change. I studied a report which was called “Summary for Policy Makers” and had extensive information on climate change drivers and effects that would affect the different continents of our planet. I began by re-writing the information and highlighting patterns in the risks that each continent would face.